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Sundarbans is the single largest mangrove forest in the world, World Heritage and Ramsar site. Almost 0.5 million coastal people depend on the resources of the biodiversity hotspot Sundarbans. Sundarbans covers almost 40% of the total forest of Bangladesh which is a nearly 4% of the total area of the country.

Major portion of Natural honey comes from the Sundarbans. Sundarbans natural honey is widely appreciated for its test and quality.Mainly we get Sundarbans honey from Khalshi, Pashur, Goran, Kewra, Bain and Gewa flower; but Bees collect honey from Golpata (Nypa Thatch), hargoza, Kakra etc. flowers.

Those who collect Sundarbans honey are Mowal. Collecting honey is one of the risky professions among all the professions of Sundarbans resource dependent people. Getting permission from the government, the honey collectors collect honey from the Sundarbans from April to June every year. Every year, almost 2000 honey collectors collect nearly 2695 quintal Honey and 700 quintal Wax from the Sundarbans.

Honey collectors use their traditional technique to collect honey from the Sundarbans. Every year, through Ghatmil (traditional program) ceremony, honey collectors collect pass permits from Forest Department and enter into the forest dividing them in small and big groups. Every group has group leaders. He is called Sajni. The group is directed by him.

The group members search for honey hives separately after entering into the forest. They use Shinga (kind of whistle) made of the horn of Buffalo to make sound in order to make know their position and danger in the forest.

They shout by the name of Allah (Almighty) whenever they find any hive. They make Karu (traditional smoke producing machine) by some dried and green leaves and produce smoke to drive away the Bees from the hive.

50 honey collectors’ families of the Sundarbans region have formed Sundarbans Mowal workers cooperative society Ltd. For the first time, male members of the cooperative society have separately collected Khalshi, Bain and Kewra flowers honey with hive. They process and package their collected honey in their own factory.

It is 100% pure and natural honey. According to the name of Mowals (honey collectors), this honey has been named after ‘Mowal Honey’.

Honey collectors have brought Khalshi, Bain and Kewra flowers honey having received the approval from BSTI. This honey is available in glass pot, plastic pot and wooden pot in 500 gm, 250 gm and 100 gm weight.

Moreover, a special package provides you 100 gm honey of three types of flowers named Khalshi, Bain and Kewra flowers including with a sculpture of Sundarbans wax made Tiger.

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